Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The College Program will ruin your life.

The College Program will ruin your life.

Yes it’s true. The Disney College Program will ruin your life. I’m not talking ‘Argh, I can’t handle this anymore’, I’m talking ‘Argh, I’m bored all the time as nothing compares to the last year that I have spent working, earning and living at Walt Disney World.’

That’s right the College Program will ruin your life. The thing is I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From walking into my brand new (very spacious) apartment at Patterson Court on the 7th June 2009 to pulling on my thoroughly used (and very uncomfortable) steel-toed Doc Martens for the last time on 2nd June 2010 while working in attractions at the Speedway in Magic Kingdom. I loved every second. Working in Walt Disney World was unlike anything I have ever experienced, and probably ever will. From the thousands of guests I met everyday from around the globe, to dancing and leading a parade around the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby (where I also worked in merchandise) to the fact that everyday I only had to achieve one thing from each and every guest, a smile.

And of course working is only part of it!

Living in Orlando is the best. You can have the worst day at work but then come home and party with your new best friends from all over the World. Not only will the memories stay with you for the rest of your life, but so will the people and the hundreds of new best friends you will make. During my program I got the chance to take vacation and visit friends as far Costa Rica to Cancun, Miami to Michigan and even Argentina. This is an experience that will not only affect you for the summer or for the year that you are there, it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I would like to thank Yummy Jobs so much for offering this opportunity and making it possible. They supported me every step of the way, always staying in contact and providing speedy responses to any questions that I had. I am so grateful for all the help they gave and, of course, presenting this program in the first place!

So either if you are completely unsure whether to do the program or just on the edge of applying, my advice is JUST DO IT! Honestly you will not regret it. Yummy Jobs will support you all the way and above all gaining new friends from all over the World, working in the World’s number one tourist destination and, of course, making dreams come true (genuinely, you actually do!) and without sounding too clichéd, it really is so hard to explain just how good this program is to anyone who hasn’t done it, how much of an adventure it is and how much fun, not only I had, but you will have. It is the best. So why not do it yourself and find out how it can ruin your life as well.


  1. I just wanted to say Hi because the ICP is going to ruin my life too in 44 days! yayy! :D
    I have to admit that I read your whole blog and I think everything you wrote's wonderful. Now, if it's possible, I'm even more anxious!

    Got your blog from facebook! I'm a cast member from Argentina and I added Belu Smile as a friend because I used to watch her photos from Disney all day long.. And well, then I found your profile and your blog!haha.

    That's all!

    Sophie ºOº

  2. Aw muchas gracias sophie! Honestly I thought only my family read this!haha but thats cool, Belu es mi novia (I'm sure you know haha)

    Well I have to say I am so excited for you (and a little bit jealous!) Don't worry about being anxious though, once you get there you will just be so happy and excited and amazed by every single little thing that you won't even notice being nervous hahaa and the time goes sooo quickly!

    Yay I hope (and know!) it will ruin your life too!:) Oh and keep your blog going, you will appreciate after you get back!

  3. De nada Nick! I love blogs and I love Disney blogs even more :)
    Yes, I knew she was your novia hahaha. That's so sweet! Just like a Disney fairytale ♥
    well, who knows? Perhaps Mickey has one for me too! haha.

    Your answer really made me smile!! I want to go right now (I'll be there in almost 2 weeks, anyway :P)

    Thanks! I'll keep your advice and write my disney experience in my blog! :)

    I hope (and I know) you will enjoy your time with Belu! (yes, she told me!)


  4. Hey Nick!
    I just wanted to tell you that you were right!
    The icp did ruin my life ♥ hahaha

  5. hahaha!! I knew it!:) Good, I'm glad it did!haha It was amazing right? I bet you want to go back!