Saturday, 29 August 2009


Hello, you look nice today, have you had a haircut? It looks good short.

Sooooo I've been deployed to the Boardwalk the last couple of weeks and today is my last day there! Oh my!

I have been working in a couple of locations along there: On The Boardwalk (the red waistcoat costume) and ESPN Club. On The Boardwalk is a large shop with different sections, including a really nice watch selection, but all of them are REALLY SLOOOOWWW! I've worked a few day shifts, starting early, and during the day literally no one comes in.

I also worked at ESPN Club which is the shop attached to the ESPN restaurant.......Yeah Sports! It's basically an arcade. Which is quite cool as we get a small card giving us free plays. Now I know what you're thinking, 'Nick, I bet you just spent all day playing arcade games instead of working didn't you?' And you would be right. Hey there's not much else to do there!
The funniest thing about working here was when REAL Americans came in and were asking if we had a hat for the Cincinnati Reds or some tiny college football team or some other random baseball or silly American sport that no-one else plays and I would say I'm English, I have no idea. haha sometimes anyway.

AnYwAy tomorrow I'm starting at Disneys Contemporary Resort (as shown below, not my picture). It's the one with the monorail running through it...great, won't get annoyed with the sound of that every 5 minutes. Should be fun though as one shop there has a really nice view over the lake.

So there you go! If you're passing by the Contemporary anytime soon, pop in and say hello.

Nic(holas) xx

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Accidently in Love??!.......with Disney!

So she said what's the problem baby
What's the problem I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love...

It is very fun being a cast member Full Stop

Being able to joke around with Guests (including laughing with them, making jokes with them about their purchases (Yes haha that is fun!) and little things like giving free stickers to children make it a very satisfying job) The photos above are from Johari Treasures (the smaller shop) one day last week with Rachel, who's also on the International College Program, and it's been really fun working there the last few days! There is a really nice, relaxed atmosphere and I've started feeling quite at home there.

I've been doing Storytime a few times as well. This is where you grab a couple of books, then go and sit by the fireplace and read to the children (and their parents!) for 20 minutes or so. It can be quite fun when you get some nice people (and when they laugh at your jokes!)

...Ok well maybe not in love but a strong like!

Nick(elodeon) xxx

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 60...293 days left!

Not that I'm counting down the days or anything but I have no idea where those 60 days went! It seems to have gone so quickly! It's now the 5th August and we have people who are on the summer program, who we seemed to have only just met, completing their 8 weeks and are now on their way back home; to Mexico, South Korea, China...all over the World!

In other news I got my haircut! I went to Wal-mart and ended up with a very friendly Mexican lady cutting my hair. Firstly she seemed to enjoy 'punking up' my hair a bit too much (spraying with water and creating a huge Mohican) but then she soon got down to business
snipping off clumps of hair willy-nilly resulting in probably the fastest haircut I've ever
had! I felt I just had to tip her a dollar for her nifty fingerwork. Good job.

A few of us also went to the Boardwalk which is probably one of my favourite places on Disney property. It's so peaceful and relaxed, completely different to the rest of the area, full of nice shops and restaurants around a small lake with even a man-made beach. It's really well themed around '20s/30s New England (...I think!):

I signed up for my next class to take during the fall semester the other day which is Exploring Marketing around Walt Disney World. Oh and also just found out that if you step outside our apartment, go down the first flight of stairs, stand at an angle and kind of lean over the side you can see (some of) the Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom at 10 o'clock! Haha beat the queues!

Finally we went to eat at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge last night. It is a buffet featuring 'the flavours of Africa' and is actually really nice. I stupidly ignored everyone's advice to eat slowly and got quite full after only two plates, but soldiered on and managed through to dessert! Yay! They have really tasty small cakes called Zebra Domes which are filed with cream...Goo-ood! After we went and sat outside around the fire (yes, they have a campfire outside!) and, although it was too dark to see most of the animals, we could still see the flamingoes which live in their enclosure by the pool!

So there you go, 60 days gone in a flash!

Love y'all
Nick 'is very tired, finishing this after work, and now nostalgic looking back at 60 days of American life!'