Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Skydiving 22 December 2009...Wow

Woooo so we actually did it---Skydived from 15,000 feet!

Here are some pictures and then the video that they gave to us at the end. It was such a thrill, I really can't explain the feeling of when they open the small plastic door and you shift towards it, carefully placing your feet right on the edge of the step ready to jump out. I could only look down at the ground and try to take it all in. The instructor tells you to lean back and forth 3 times then you 'fall' out. My mind just went blank! I was holding onto the side of the door with the wind rushing all around me, then I heard 'go' and the next part I was falling from a plane and heading 126mph towards the ground! I will never forget it and definitely recommend it!

Nick xx

Saturday, 5 December 2009

It's Christmas Time...(so here's a little update)

Hey ho!

Soooo other than that video I haven't updated this in a while (I seem to say that quite a lot on here!) so not to bore you, here is a quick summary in the life of Nick for the last month or so:


1) Happy Thanksgiving! It was thanksgiving here and we had a turkey dinner at work! Yay! Other than that it was just like any other day...Sorry Americans.

2) The day after Thanksgiving was Black Friday. Me and Monika finished work at 1230 and after a normally 15 minute drive home taking over an hour due to the crazy traffic we decided to go shopping! Black Friday is when all the shops have sales starting from midnight so we eventually got home and went to the outlet mall at 2am...It was the busiest I'd ever seen it although sales weren't as great as I was expecting. Bearing in mind I had to get to work at 8 we managed to get back home by 6am...eek. (the next day was not fun!)

3) Would you believe it I brought a scarf! And actually wore it. In Florida. Here is a picture:

4) We saw the Blue Man Group on Monday...Wow. It was so funny, Karen got chosen to go up on stage and sit next to them. The music was amazing, we didn't stop laughing and we only paid $32! Love it!

5) Work might be getting busier and busier but I'm getting more bored...We find out where we will move to by the 23rd...I can't wait! And some people are extending for another 6 months yay!

6) I got a new nametag! haha Sevenoaks is now spelt correctly!

7) We have decorated our apartment! Wooooo! $100 well spent at, where else, but our friends at Wal-mart!

8) So after earning our 'Ducktorate' last semester I am now the proud owner of a 'Mouseters' degree....hmmm

9) This Monday and Tuesday I'm going to Miami for the night annnnnd guess what, the week after I'm going skydiving Aaaarggghhh! Brace yourself for a video from that!

10) I need another haircut. Hello Wal-mart.

Well I think that's about it! Merry Christmas folks!

Love you
Nick xx

A lil' trip to a lil' ice hockey game...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Friday, 23 October 2009

CMU lovelies...

Here we go then, some pictures from the lovely weekend up in Central Michigan (Mount Pleasant to be exact!)...

So there you go a random assortment of piccy wiccys from three fun filled days at Central Michigan University, sorry they are in a kind of crazy order. We all stayed in different halls around the campus and it was definitely different from uni at home. The football game was the main highlight of the trip which involved us basically standing for three hours (we left early in the end!)...we still don't understand that game! We also went rock climbing, spent A LOT of money in the CMU shop and feasted ourselves on the best fast food central Michigan had to offer!It was a lot of fun!

Nick (heading to work) xx