Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Skydiving 22 December 2009...Wow

Woooo so we actually did it---Skydived from 15,000 feet!

Here are some pictures and then the video that they gave to us at the end. It was such a thrill, I really can't explain the feeling of when they open the small plastic door and you shift towards it, carefully placing your feet right on the edge of the step ready to jump out. I could only look down at the ground and try to take it all in. The instructor tells you to lean back and forth 3 times then you 'fall' out. My mind just went blank! I was holding onto the side of the door with the wind rushing all around me, then I heard 'go' and the next part I was falling from a plane and heading 126mph towards the ground! I will never forget it and definitely recommend it!

Nick xx

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