Thursday, 30 July 2009

A quick stop around the World...

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Who'd have thought it, the whole World (not really) in one day?!

I had the day off and I went to get my haircut at the 'Hairport' at was my second trip there and second failed trip as it was full yet again! I wasn't about to waste my day so I decided to go around the World. With the sun shining and equipped with my camera I descended upon the World Showcase with nothing but a rested body and a full head of hair! I then met some fellow cast members and finished the journey with them!

(Next post to be informative...)

Nicklaus xx

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I like sooo totally love your accent! ...totally

I don't know whether it's the absurd scheduling leading to a lack of sleep that has made me feel compelled to write this post or the fact that I have eaten about 5kg worth of m&ms (they taste so good here!)...or possibly feeling guilty for not updating this in a while! but all I know is that the above statement is true-Americans LUUURVE the British accent!

If I had a dollar everytime someone said this then I would be on around 4 dollars by now. No seriously though, surprisingly that is quite a common remark, I would then usually proceed to say 'my line', "aww you're making me blush!" (Works every time!)haha Increasingly I then proceed to confirm my Englishness/delight the Guest with spiffing-good-not-oft-said-English phrases such as 'Lovely', 'Thanks ever so much' and the clincher, 'Smashing!' All perks that come with the job you see!

But seriously working at Zawadi Marketplace is quite fun with the highlights being creating magic moments for Guests (such as giving them a 'pixy dust' Tinkerbelle pin), the Parade we get to do throughout the lobby and a co-worker called Len. He is your typical American from Ohio and he and his wife Judith have both worked in the shop together since it opened.

In other news, how good was Wimbledon! I finally found a way to watch it online, LIVE! (sorry Tom, ESPN360 didn't work!) NBC sports was showing it, shame I only found it with a few days left! Welldone Murray I thought he did very well, and what an incredible last set in the final!

The last couple of days I have been working in Johari Treasures which is the smaller, much quieter shop in the Kidani Village half of the resort open only to Disney Vacation Club members. Although having a much better view of the animals, it is tiny in comparison and I find it much more boring working here as it just doesn't receive anyway near the same number of guests. But I'm only here for a few more days so I'm happy!

Good news as well is that a girl from Essex has just started called Sangeeta so I've got another English person to talk to!

Hope everyone's well!