Friday, 29 May 2009

(Unrelated to Disney Post)

Haha I just saw this online and laughed a lot! Michael Cera is so cool!
I'm also really into Mr Hudson's new song Supernova ft. Kanye. Check it ouuut somewhere online! I'm making a summer playlist and that is definitely going on it!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Do you accept (my US J1 Academic) Visa?...

I'm sorry I have no time for formalities people, I have had my visa interview and, after a lot of waiting, I have been APPROVED! yay

It was quite a fun (long and stressful) day overall. My appointment was at 12.30 so I arrived as stated half an hour before that time and after a lot of rummaging for various sheets and id checks I made it inside. I found it to basically be a large post office, due to the number calling and booths, with a large waiting area scattered with seats. After a quick scan, I cautiously climbed my way over the nearest row of chairs and nestled onto the first empty seat I found. I re-checked my forms AGAIN then got out my revision. Lovely.

Thats right no electronic devices allowed peeps so had to resort to the good old fashioned english language and the awkward beauty of small talk with fellow Visa applicants. Luckily my number was soon called but to my dismay this first checkpoint was only to make sure my form-filling-in abilities were up to scratch (which they nearly were apart from leaving the Name any Countries that have Issued you a Passport question blank...errrrr...UK duh!) Soon after I found myself a nice new plastic chair and hunkered down for the great wait, which, as we all now, means a great opportunity to people watch! Then I saw Grivas over the other side of the room so I made my way over to him. Not long after our numbers were called and it was time for the Interview! Happy days.

Literally lasted about 30 seconds. Then I paid the courier fee and I have now been reliably informed that passport with Visa has been delivered! 'Woot' I believe is the expression.

Noowwwww I just need to pay the Program Assessment Fee, get the medical insurance, book the transportation from Orlando airport and...PACK! 16 days from now!!

Oh and I also selected my classes for the summer term. 1st choice is Creativity and Innovation: Gaining the Edge (oooooh), 2nd choice is Experiential Learning (ahhhhhh).

Also finished all uni exams now so I guess technically does this mean I am a second year?...just something for you to think about...that's your homework for next time.

I hope you're well. Good bye. Love ya.

Nick xX