Monday, 22 June 2009

I miss Wimbledon and English stuff

Oh so I was looking through the BBC website and realised Wimbledon is starting! Does anyone know how I can watch it? Iplayer doesn't work here! Noooooo! Also Deal or No Deal, I need some English things!

Otherwise the last few days have been quite fun, I have finished training now (so no excuses for being bad!) but I think I've got the hang of most things. I'm just heading off to work in a while until 0030 then tomorrow I have a HUGE shift-in at 0500 until 1330 then back in at 1830 until 0030! Is that legal?! I just had to request a bus as they don't run that early in the morning, they are collecting me at 0350! Arrrgghh!

Anywizzle, we went to the Magic Kingdom again the other day and found some nice mickey toys (as shown in picture!) Apparently we get discounts for skydiving as cast members as well...

I want to say hello to Mama, Papa, Becca and congratulations to Emily for your results! Have fun and make sure you all take lots of photos at Wimbledon!

I think I'm eating ok. It seems to be one healthy meal, then an unhealthy one. We did go out for a nice meal the other night though to a place called Paneras.

Right I'm going to go and have a cup of tea and get ready for work now so speak soooon!

kiss kiss

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Holy smokes people I'm so sorry for the late postage but we have now, hopefully, got a reliable source of interwebbing so should be able to provide more reliable posts! So to break this down I have now been here 9 days ONLY and it has flown by, we seemed to have fit so much stuff into this short space of time! To make it easier I will start from the day we got there:

Sunday 7th June:
Okkkkk so today we arrived! Woo........and it was raining! After making the most of the complimentary wine and drinks on board the flight we had to wait a good couple of hours for the Mears shuttle to the Vista Way Complex. However it was a good wait and together with Harriet, Grivas, Nick, Kat and Tom we eventually got to the apartments and we found our flat in Patterson Court, which is the newest, cleanest and nicest (in my opinion) complex!
I'm actually sharing the flat with Nick, Grivas, Tom, Stuart (from Northern Ireland) and Mikel (from Turkey). The flat is really good and has the largest microwave ever!

Monday 8th June:
Today not much happened apart from a couple of meetings then looking around the Orlando Premium Mall, lots of bargains down there folks, hanging by the pool and meeting lots of people around our area. I brought some discount stuff from the Disney outlet shop there including a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt for $8!

Tuesday 9th June:
We were up for yet more endless meetings at 8 today. Firstly it was the housing meeting (I swear Americans can just talk for ages about seemingly not very large topics) then we had a talk from International Recruitment. These finished around 4ish then we found out where we were going to be working (I think it was today anyway) and I received my role in Merchandise at the Zawadi Marketplace in the Animal Kingdom Lodge! Cooool eh?!
Afterwards we ended up meeting some Americans from the flats downstairs and about 20 of us all went to Downtown Disney and ate at the new T-Rex restaurant which was quite nice (large portions though, like everywhere else!)

Wednesday 10th June:
Up at 6 for the bus at 6.40 to Disney University for the infamous Traditions class. This just involves a recap of the history of Disney and a quick overview of the standards/health&safety/etc we are expected to reach...'Safe D begins with me!'
BUUUTTTT we also received the legendary Disney nametag (see pictures in the slideshow below, note the typo 'Seven oaks'!) and we got the cast member ID enabling us to literally LOADS of discounts on Disney Merchandise, meals, Disney Cruiseline, etc. Woo! Oh and it gives us access to the parks for free! Double Woo!
Obviously we weren't going to waste anytime in going straight to the Magic Kingdom as cast members for the first time, so we went to Wal-Mart first and spent $380 between the four of us! It was worth it as we got all the essentials. We then went to Magic Kingdom and stayed until closing, seeing the Wishes fireworks and going on all the big 'uns!haha

Thursday 11th June:
First day of class at 8 until 12. Luckily it's at Patterson Court so didn't have to get a bus anywhere. It was a good class actually, quite interesting learning in a different classroom environment (believe it or not we had play-doh on our desk!) and I'm the only English person in the class!haha
That afternoon/evening 'the gang' went to Hollywood Studios (I think it's now my favourite park). We went on Tower of Terror and Aerosmith which are soo fun!

Friday 12th June:
Today was meant to be the first day of training at Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL), so I got up at 6.45 to get in by 8.30, but when I got there I hung around for half an hour without anyone appearing so after talking to security and quickly visiting the shop we found out that I was meant to be in on Sunday for training, although no one had given me this new, updated schedule! That was annoying as it wasted that whole morning!
That evening we saw some of the Mexicans from inductions, who are living near us, and just chilled out with them for the night.

Saturday 13th June:
Another day, another early morning as I was up at 6.45 again for 8.30 at AKL. There was an orientation session around the resort and it was good fun meeting all the cast and others who were also starting at the same time as me, surprising amount of people from Guatemala.
After this we all went to the Animal Kingdom Wardrobe building which is HUGE! I received my lovely costume, traditional African-style shirt and khaki pants, and was back in time to go to the pool before going to Downtown Disney. We ate at Earl of Sandwich (a posh subway) then saw Up in 3D at the AMC theatre there! The animation I thought was really good and there were some really funny parts. A bit different to older Disney-Pixar films but still worth a watch.

Sunday 14th June:
Ok my body clock is officially completely lost.
I woke at 6.15 to get in for the PROPER first day of actual training at 8. I met with Judith and she showed me round the shop and is really lovely and such a good cast member. All the cast there are always so happy and bubbly, having fun with guests and in their roles! Looks like it will be a lot of fun working there!

Monday 15th June:
Up at 6.45 today to get to Disney university at 8. We had Merchantainment class (Merchandise + Entertainment!) which goes over how to use the cashier and how to make 'the show'! Merchandise is Theatre you see! This was actually quite fun, especially going through the Guest scenarios. These classes are also really good fun for meeting new people.
We went to Wal-Mart again this evening and spent a good few hours there buying food (obviously).

So there you go folks, you are officially updated! After having incredibly hot and humid weather all week, I'm writing this in the middle of a Florida tropical storm. It has just turned pitch black with really hard rain and thunder and lightning have been blaring for the past hour! But I don't mind as tomorrow I have my first lie in! I start work at 15.15 until 23.45. Whoooaaaa the ground literally just shook from the lightning!Arrrghhh!

Anyway should be updating more regularly now so speak to y'all later!


Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

5 days left!

Hello there friends,

So I meant to do this with 7 days left but kind of forgot, then one with 6 days left would have made sense but I forgot AGAIN, so 5 days left will have to do! That's right 5 days to soak up as much of Great Britain as possible, and then pack. For a year. Into 1 suitcase. Flipping 'eck.

Anyway, yes I have decided to stuff 1 suitcase full and take a hand luggage bag instead of 2 kind of nearly full bags so now I just need to decide what I will be bringing...

This is some information from

Documents and Other Important Stuff

  • Valid ID/passport
  • Birth Certificate (original, non-translated certificate)
  • Airline/train tickets
  • List of friends' email addresses/phone numbers
  • Photos from your country, family and friends to share with everybody!

Swimming/sun items

(most of these things are easily bought down there)

  • Swimming trunks/swimsuit
  • Beach/swimming shoes
  • Towel/bathrobe
  • Suntan lotion/sunscreen


  • Camera
  • CDs/radio/MP3 player
  • Batteries
  • Shoe cleaner/polish

Toiletries - (there are a lot)

  • Soap/shower-gel/shampoo
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Comb, hairbrush
  • Manicure kit........Maybe skip on that one!
  • Shaving kit
  • Body lotion
  • Hair clips, hair net, barrettes...ummm


  • Underwear (preferably clean)
  • Pants/shorts/belts
  • Sweaters (it gets chilly in Winter)
  • Evening wear outfit (for the formals)
  • T-shirts
  • Dress clothes/skirt (one outfit for Traditions)
  • Jacket/coat
  • Socks/nylons/tights
  • Pyjamas/nightshirt/nightgown
  • Hats, caps, etc.
  • Day shoes/walking shoes/running shoes
  • Sandals (if you're Canadian).......That must be an American joke!
  • Black dress shoes ( mens - leather oxford-style).....Wooo

Other Travel Accessories

  • Towel, bed linens, wash rag (towels and bedding not provided, must be brought or purchased locally on arrival).......Apparently there are plenty of Disney themed sheets available!
  • Insect repellent
  • Can opener, corkscrew, pocketknife
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Sewing kit
  • Language dictionary......American to English
  • Travel guide
  • Electrical outlet adapter
  • Snack food.......Really?!
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella......hmmmm
  • Favorite Videos.......woooo movie nights!
  • Notebook Computer
  • TV/VCR/DVD (if driving down)
  • Combination/padlock for your locker

This is my Random Items List:
1) For one the mickey is coming! (Better make an effort!)
2) UK flag (Oh yes that is going firmly on the wall!)
3) Tea Bags (Apparently US tea is just NOT as good!)
4) Video Camera (I am going to film EVERYTHING!)
5) DVDs for Movie Nights!

Ok so there you go, stuff I may be taking to Florida. Looking back I'm not sure why I put all that in but there you go anyway.

Also try and watch The Pixar Story. It's a documentary film all about the founding, development and success of Pixar, it's very interesting. Woo go Pixar!