Monday, 30 March 2009

Disney Vlog...



So today I had my interview and I think *fingers crossed* it went well! It was such a good day and met loads of cool people. I will tell you all from the beginning...

Firstly, looking for the offices! Quite an adventure in itself. We got to hammersmith and met this girl called Lorna and eventually made our way to the (unbelievably nice) offices. They are so swish and it looks like so much fun to work there, so chilled out. We met this guy called Grivas on the way in. He's from MMU and might be going out in June as well which would be cool...providing we get in!

We got a visitors pass and our picture taken, then everyone just stood around looking nervous in the reception area. We saw Luke, and then me and Harriet just stayed talking to Grivas until they called us upstairs. Then it was the most awkward thing as we had a huge great form to fill in but as there was no more table space we had to basically sit on the floor and do it. Great first impression! This not only made it messy, but uncomfortable and probably pretty weird to everyone else.

Anyway after filling them in, in the official disney ink colour of black!, we went into a cinema room...INCREDIBLE! Seats were so comfy and leaned back like a long rocking chair. Roger and Sarah did a rushed presentation with that crazy Tera (?) girl talking on the video and the funny Canadian guy with the sunglasses. Great actor. Haha so that was fun oh and on the request of the rents I was told I should have a go at answering a u guessed it, I only bloody won a tinkerbelle badge for answering a disney trivia question!(got it completely wrong, but an A for effort!)

Haha so I had my interview with Luke, after being very nicely pushed forward by Jason. We went with Roger, 'honey', and it seemed more like a chat but hopefully I put forward a good case! He asked about roles and favourite characters and Luke and I interacted well which seemed to go down well. For the roles I put down 1)attractions, 2)merchandise and 3)custodial now I'm kind of wishing I swapped merch and custodial, but as long as I get out there I'm not really too bothered!

Anyway apparently we may be finding out in the next few days, if not then the next couple of weeks are going to go verrrry slowwwlly!

Will update as soon as I know!

Nick x

Saturday, 28 March 2009

2 Days till the interview!

Hello there!

So it's now 2 days till the interview. 48 hours. Time to start panicking!

I'm busy fine-tuning and tweaking my CV to try and give the best impression possible. I thought I was prepared as I have been waiting for this opportunity for sooo long. I've read every bit of information they sent and everything online at least 12 times, but I think it's just me overreacting as it is such a big chance. I keep telling myself, 'IT WILL BE FUN', 'ENJOY IT', and 'REMEMBER TO TAKE SOME MINTS'.

Going back home tomorrow and need to remember to look for birth certificate and passport and get the photocopies done. Then check train times and practice holding a smile, nodding and giving intelligent answers for the length of the interview.

I really can't wait though. One step closer to fulfilling a dream.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Post numero 2: roles...

Gooooood afternoon!

So I'm slowly counting down the days till the big interview! (17 at my count).

I've already started preparing some of the things I need to take, and reviewing and updating the CV. Looking through the roles list again it brings me back to the big question...IF I get accepted what roles would I want to do?! For the program we get the chance to take part in 2 different roles both for 6 months, and the list of roles available stretches to about 17! Decisions decisions..!

Having said that I already know that I DEFINITELY want to do attractions for one period, my preference would be in Magic Kingdom on possibly Pirates or a spieling attraction. Basically somewhere where I can wear an awesome, makes-me-look-silly-but-I-don't-care-I-work-at-Disney costume (no, there's no uniform at Disney folks!)...So also, haunted mansion or tower of terror in Hollywood Studios might be quite fun.

That brings me onto the second 6 I know I should probably do a hospitality role, as I study hospitality, in one of the resorts, buuuuuttttt I mean I could work in a hotel anywhere, and there's only one WDW in the World so why waste this opportunity to work outside, in the florida sun, in the happiest place in the world gaining an experience that really can't be had anywhere else! But that's just me! So basically I would probably choose either custodial or merchandise (could be outside on a pin badge cart!)...we'll see.

I'm thinking of joining (really good website that has everything to do with international programs and what to expect, etc) and putting a post asking if anyone else has an interview on the 30th. Don't know where I was going with that...

Anyway I'm going to get back to uni work now...I'm also looking at buying a video camera (again IF I get accepted) to do some filming out there, I think would be quite fun. Also getting inspiration from John Henselmeier's awesome vlog! Check it ouuuuttttt here... Thankyou for keeping me thoroughly entertained!

Until next time

Friday, 6 March 2009

1st Post! Exciting...?!hmmm

Hey buddy!

Welcome to my first blog're just in time! I say that when I have been meaning to start this agggeeess ago, when I first sent my application off to Yummy Jobs. Anyway...

Well straight to the name is Nick Miles, as I'm sure you have worked out by now ("haha"). I study International Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes. We have a years worth of 'industry placement' next year as part of the course and I instantly knew it had to be at Walt Disney World! I've decided to start this blog as a way of charting my progress through the application and also hopefully as a way to tell family and friends what I get up to when I'm out in Florida! (I may also just add random posts about anything!)

So so far...I applied for the 12 month J-1 Academic Program through Yummy Jobs way back in November...after that I didn't hear anything for a while (apart from a nice 'thankyou for applying' email) until the end of January. They then sent a load of info about different roles and prices, etc which was devoured fairly quickly by me and then I was left hanging on, drooling, waiting for the next nugget of information or...interview dates.ooooh! (I forgot to mention that they visited my uni in november which is why I applied online then).

Another month passes and then, there it is, nicely snuggled between two unimportant emails. I began to focus on the one thing that truly email from Jason at Yummy Jobs. Open up the email and, happy days, an invitation from Disney to attend a presentation and interview on 30th March!

So there you go, that's my position at the moment. I don't know how regularly this will be updated but I hope to maybe cross into the wide world of interesting blogs, or possibly vlogs, at some point.

Well that's your reading time up; now go outside and play, it's a lovely day!